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Specially Designed For Full-Time Working Professionals Passionate About Acting/FilmMaking

Make Your First Short Film
& Release It Online In Just 5 Hours!!

(By Spending Just 60-90 Minutes/Day)

Learn FilmMaking Using The "Fun Film Technology" Model Which 5000+ Working Professionals Have Used To Kick Start Their FilmMaking Journey Without Expensive, Full Time Film-Schools Or Costly Electronic Gadgets.


  And Get An Opportunity To Work In Our Feature Film Project*

5-Day Workshop starts on : 22nd April 2024,  at 5:55 PM

Language Of Instruction : ENGLISH

Age Requirement : Suited for 20 and Above

* This year we are making a first of its kind feature film in India and we have created a unique opportunity where aspiring filmmakers who start with this workshop can continue their learning journey further with us, learn filmmaking in the quickest way possible, direct their own short film and then as the END GAME, work with us immediately in our Feature Film Project.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This Workshop Is For You If

You have an itching desire to learn filmmaking however life (job, career, a set lifestyle, commitments - family, financial etc) is not allowing you to take the first step

You feel film schools are way too expensive and require a long term & Full Time commitment that you cannot make right now 

You find it challenging to sift through the overload of information online and would rather learn from a well experienced mentor who makes learning simple, easy and structured

You cannot afford to invest on costly cameras and equipments to get started

You want to find like minded people and be part of a larger community of filmmakers

You Can Also Join This Workshop If

You are interested in setting up your own YouTube channel

You run a startup and want to learn basic visual marketing ideas for your brand.

You are interested in other visual storytelling careers like making documentary videos, wedding videos, Ad-films etc

Here’s What You Will Learn In 5 Days


How to pursue your passion for cinema without quitting your job, spending loads of time and money on a full-fledged film school.


How to come up with stories for short films when we don’t have a team. Write your first script.


How to shoot your film without fancy gadgets and cameras. Shoot your first short film.


Why learning basic editing is important even for an actor and the simple way to get started with the same. Edit your first short film.


The Grand Finale: How to scale your film-making game to the next level. Graduation PARTY :)

Language Of Instruction : ENGLISH

Join The 5 day Whatsapp FilmMaking Workshop before the
Midnight of

Claim These Amazing Bonuses Worth INR 15,555/-

  • Short cut technique explainer video
  • Two of our viral short-film screenplays
  • Video guide to writing screenplay in local languages


Create your first short film screenplay in the language of your choice in just a couple of hours.

TOTAL VALUE : Rs.2395/-

Video guide for coming up with interesting ideas for short-films

Come up with an idea for your first Short-Film within a matter of minutes.

TOTAL VALUE : Rs.3575/-

An END to END video guide on acting auditions

Face any Audition confidently like a pro using this end to end guide about film auditions.

TOTAL VALUE : Rs.4595/-

A hack into the sub-conscious to develop a superstar attitude

Develop a superstar mindset in just 21 days by using this unique mind-hack tool

TOTAL VALUE : Rs.3495/-

  • Video guide on designing a quick movie poster
  • Sample film poster design Template

Design your film poster using this quick template in less than 20 minutes

TOTAL VALUE : Rs.1495/-

Here's What Our Participants Have Said About The Workshop

Meet Your Mentor – Orange Kannadaka Vihaan

Hi I am Orange Kannadaka Vihaan, CEO of Goldenagefilmhouse & Founder Of FunFilmTechnology

I started my filmmaking journey as a full-time working Engineer over a decade ago. My passion for acting, curiosity & thirst for learning has made me the Actor, Filmmaker and Coach I am today. I learnt filmmaking by experimenting with short films, while working in my IT job, for almost 4.5 years. When I got into films full time, I decided to share my Knowledge with people, especially working professionals who can’t afford to join expensive long-term film schools.. 

In the last 8 years, I have helped thousands to kick-start their filmmaking journey through my workshops and mentorship. Being an engineer turned filmmaker, I couldn’t help but integrate the systematic approach (that we learn in engineering) in the way I teach filmmaking skills which makes learning easy & fun. I call this the “Fun Film Technology” model. 

More than 80% of my students have worked with me in all my professional film projects till now.

I am currently directing and acting in a first of its kind feature film in India and have created a unique opportunity where aspiring filmmakers can learn filmmaking with us and then work with us immediately in the film.

Many of my short films have become viral, few of them have won at National and International levels and my recent short film “Virgin Vaishali” also got added into the “INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF RECORDS”. 

I was recognized & awarded as one of the ‘75 Creative Minds of Tomorrow’ by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at IFFI (Goa)  in 2021.

I have worked in around 150 short films/Ad-films and 4 Kannada feature films till date.

Recent Best Works From Participants Who Started Like YOU!

Our Latest Works

Thank you for making it till here! You are not here by mistake.. It shows you are interested & passionate about filmmaking.. 

Then what are you waiting for?? 

This is a truly limited offer. Register below in the next 15 minutes and claim your spot now! 


You not only will be making your first short film in just 5 days, you will also receive bonuses worth Rs. 15,555/- that will take your learning further, all of this at just Rs. 1,999/- .

See you in the Workshop! 



Orange Kannadaka Vihaan


I started off just like you guys in 2014. Infosys then had a film-making club named Dot Mov Talkies. Vihaan was playing a pivotal role then to introduce us newbies to the film-making process. We made our first short-film the way you are going to make now. Vihaan did that workshop with lot of passion and I still remember it. All I want to say now is “to make a good film all you need is unconditional love for the story you want to tell, rest of the things will
fall in place over the time”. All the best and hope to see you all making wonderful films in coming years.

Gangadhar Salimath
Director, Ayana(Karnataka State Film Award)

Though I was passionate about films I had no idea about the process of film making, that's when I attended Vihaan’s film-making workshop. The work-shop gave me a good insight of the process. Above all Vihaan’s energy and enthusiasm was awe-inspiring! He truly believed the idea and determination is more important in film-making than anything else (including artist and funds)

We have been in touch in the last 5 years sharing ideas and appreciating each others work in creating content. Also key people I met in the workshop especially Deepith -we worked on few ad-film projects together. The association with this team has been very valuable in this journey.

Vihaan’s workshops are smartly designed to give participants the right dose of knowledge and energy to take things forward. Apart form the tools and techniques shared here its the energy and the vibe that gives you the confidence to take on the upcoming challenges. Like the wise man once said "creativity is like gravity all you need is a little push!” this workshop gives exactly that.

Mathan Mohan
Curator, writer and fashion photographer, currently working closely with OTT platforms on script evaluation and execution of Web-Series and Original-Films.

I attended Vihaan’s filmmaking workshop in 2015. In the workshop, I had a very good
experience with both theoretical and practical learning which was my
first exposure towards film making. I shot my first short film with Vihaan in a very short
period of time. It was a great learning experience for me because we had to come up with an idea for a short film, had to write the script, shoot it and later post production. I also got an opportunity to act for the first time which was very exciting.
Vihaan thought us in a very easy way everything that we needed to know about film making as a beginner and also gave us a practical shooting experience, which most of the other institutes don’t do properly. This is what I liked about Vihaan and GAFH.
It’s been a long journey with Vihaan from 2015 till the present day. It wasn’t just the workshop. We collaborated a lot in future as well. I got opportunity to work in most of Vihaan's projects. We always discuss about films, share our experiences, feedbacks and suggestions and are waiting for a big project Collaboration.

Mahesh R
Direction Team, Robert , Guru Shishyaru (Kannada Films)

I attended the workshop conducted by Vihaan in 2015. It was like getting so much in such a short time. People like us, we can't spend a year or two to get into a film school and learn things. But, in this short span of time, I learnt something which is almost the same as an actual film school.

Arun N D
Director, Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru(Kannada)

Got More Questions? We’ve Got You Covered.

Will this Session be live or pre-recorded?

Great question. It is a combination of LIVE and recorded videos. The main sessions will happen LIVE but you will get the recordings as well.

For people, who can’t attend live sessions or want to listen to the class again, you will receive the recording after the live session.

All the recordings will be available online till the subsequent Sunday EOD only.

What are the timings?

Live classes will start everyday at 6:55PM sharp on ZOOM and will go on till 08:00 PM-08:30 PM Max. On day 5 the class will go on till 09:00-09:30 PM.

Who should attend this 5-Day workshop?

This is only helpful

  • If you are a beginner or have lost touch in film-making
  • If you want to get started with film-making in the most easy, efficient and fun filled way possible.
  • If you are an entrepreneur trying to understand visual storytelling yourself, so as to reduce Video branding and advertisement costs
  • If you are a youtuber trying to scale up your channel and content.
  • If you are looking for a like minded community of film aspirants to collaborate with
  • If you are a working employee and looking for a quick and easy way to transition into film-making.
  • If you are ready to take the course sincerely and do all the assignments promptly during the workshop.
  • If you are an actor/writer/photographer or a film technician who wants to learn about all the other aspects of film making.
Who should NOT attend this 5-Day workshop?
  • If you are a full-time film maker already doing feature films, this might not help you.
  • If you have a thorough idea of all the aspects of film-making already then this workshop might not help you
  • If you are not a team player, then this workshop is not for you.
  • If you are looking for instant gratification i.e. to become a successful actor/film-maker overnight then this workshop is not for you.
  • If you are not ready to follow the rules of the game then this workshop might not work for you
Is this workshop an advanced workshop?

It’s not a super advanced workshop. This Class is for people who want to get started with film making. You won’t be taught in-depth technical things or advanced tools and techniques. People interested in attending advanced workshops can WhatsApp us on 7892157016 for details about the same.

Will I get lifetime access to the videos?

Remember this is a Class, not an online course. So, No you don’t get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand, you might want some more time to absorb the information, hence you can view all the videos till the end of week (Sunday Midnight).

Will I get to work in Your feature film right after this Workshop?

This workshop will be your first step into the world of film making. There are few more levels you will need to climb, before you  get to work in our feature film. More details about the same will be shared on the fifth day of the workshop. We assure you that your journey with us will be the fastest way to learn, grow and work in a feature film..

I am a beginner. Can I join?

You must! This workshop is tailor made for beginners in film-making. It will give you a clear idea on the easy and the most efficient way to pursue your passion which will save a lot of your time and efforts.

Can I ask questions?

Yes, you can ask them in the chat box during the live sessions and in the Whatsapp group during other times of the workshop.

Will the Whatsapp group be closed or open for discussion?

There will be two Whatsapp groups.

  • The admin info Whatsapp group will be used only by the admin team for sending information related to the workshop and assignments.
  • You will be joining a second assignment submission Whatsapp group after the first session and this group will be open for a particular time each day for assignment submissions. This group will be closed after the final day and you will be added to a bigger whatsapp community which will have all our Whatsapp workshop participants from various batches.
Once the batch starts, will there be any extensions?

The workshop is a 5-Day Journey. Only when there are major holidays, we might accommodate the holidays and hence extend the workshop by a day or two.

What basic knowledge should I have?

The lesser you know about film-making the better it is. You should know how to use an android phone and play store apps though.

Required apps:
1. Whatsapp
2. Zoom

What about the support after the class?

You will be given an option to join our bigger whatsapp community and Facebook group during the workshop where we will stay in touch after the workshop.

What are the terms and conditions for registrations?
  • Venue is Online
  • You will receive the video recording after the live session and you will have access to the same till the subsequent Sunday EOD.
  • You may face unexpected interruptions during the course of the live stream due to internet connectivity issues (on either side) as this is a virtual workshop. Golden Age Film House will not be held responsible for this.
  • No refunds on purchased tickets are possible, but you will be given an opportunity to attend the next session if needed.
  • In case of any confusions or conflicts arising during the workshop, Goldenagefilmhouse’s decision will be final.
What about the bonuses?

You will receive all the assured bonuses during the workshop and you will have life time access for the same.

Is joining a WhatsApp group safe?
  • We have a Very Strict Privacy Policy in Place.
  • Except for the Admin, you shall not be contacted by any other member from this group
  • If you need any Support or have Questions, you may get in touch with the admin.
  • If you are contacted by some member, share a screenshot with the admin and Strict action will be taken on violators.
  • Also take a moment to report these numbers as Spam on WhatsApp apart from reporting the same to the admin.
  • Spammers usually start conversations with Good Intent. People can end up losing money or get into other unnecessary complications by engaging in such conversations. So please refrain from engaging personally with other members in the group. 
  • Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe & Stay Away from being contacted by anyone.
  • GOLDENAGEFILMHOUSE will not take any responsibility for complications arising out of such personal conversations.

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